Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Carpet Bloggers in New Orleans

Several media hounds are pouring into New Orleans these days to try and profit from the one year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina.

New Orleans bloggers have taken to discrediting these CARPET BLOGGERS! Specifically one disaster sycophant named Chartreuse.

Read more by clicking on the links below.

- New Orleans Blogosphere take note
- Missionary Blogger
- The Truth is in the DOing
- Hark the Blog Herald Angels Sing
- Invasion of the Carpet Bloggers

The truth is out there...



Anonymous Frolic said...

Are the sending the cast of MTV reality show to do the reporting?

Honestly, I don't understand what they're doing, but it's hard to not knock an enterprise that so damn pompous.

6:13 AM  

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