Sunday, March 12, 2006

"The Rain Song"

My "Houstonian" friend, Andrew Curry and I use to have a great tradition of exchanging our top 100 songs via MP3, back when MPs players were the size of small toasters and some people still used dial-up. Andrew and I met at an Astro's game in 1999. He is a a really funny Trinity College grad who loves baseball, music and prize fighting even more than me and more than is probably healthy. He is a collector, or compulsive pop addict, I'm not sure which. During a big fight night pay-per view party, I was glancing over his CD collection and noticed that he had a lot of "Crowded House" CD's. I actually started making fun of it, until I realized that he had every CD Crowded House ever made, which I would have guessed to be about 4. It's more like 30 with all the Japanese bootlegs and England-only EP releases. Made me want to go down to the Mushroom, buy a MOD button and a "Meaty Beaty Big and Bouncy" vinyl album just for old times sake. Odd choices we all make with our simulated freedom.
Anyway, his top 100 was always an interesting read and in turn to him, mine was usually a trip deep into the 70's, where only Ziploc baggies and perferated paper feel at home. The fun part was the ebb and flow of how music you were rediscovering or just hearing for the first time and how it would get slotted or move around. Many songs for me are just books of my bible, like "Ten Years Gone", "Thrasher" or "The River(So excited for Jazz fest.)" But, then something happens and you're driving to Atlanta and as you cross the state line you flip to a radio station playing "Midnight Train to Georgia" and it re-sorts your whole list. Or, you're deep in the middle of a love affair with a new act and their stuff is ranking higher than trusted classics because of novelty. Sometimes a song you literally hate sits high on the list just because you can still smell the beach when you listen to it. I use to have a theory that WRNO would play "The Rain Song" every time a late afternoon thunderstorm came down in August. I heard that song today. Of course, most of the time I am caught in some new sound, this week it's "Jack's Mannequin" So, anyway, here is the Otto top 25 at the moment. Would love to see some of the other blogger's lists.
Ten years gone-Led Zeppelin
Thrasher-Neil Young
The River-Bruce Springsteen
Black-Throated Wind-The Grateful Dead
Hello Stranger-Walter "Wolfman" Washington
Porcelain-Better Than Ezra
Breakdown-Jack Johnson
Death Of A Disco Dancer-The Smiths
Simple Man-Lynard Skynard
Willin'-Little Feat
Easy To Slip-Bob Weir
Spanish Moon-Little Feat
Lost In The Flood-Bruce Springsteen
The Rain Song-Led Zeppelin
I Stand Accused-Walter Wolfman Washington And The Roadmasters
San Tropez-Pink Floyd
Pocahontas-Neil Young
Perfect Blue Buildings-Counting Crows
Down By The Seaside-Led Zeppelin
Spiral-The Connells
I'm Alive-Jackson Browne
River Run-The Radiators
Black Peter-Grateful Dead
The Mixed Tape-Jack's Mannequin


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