Friday, January 06, 2006

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"Audio blogging drunk from bars after Katrina was the stupidest idea for me ever. I lost whatever journalistic cred I had - which wasn't much." - TAG

Currently blogging from his FEMA trailer in front of his family's destroyed home in New Orleans, his two number one goals in life are to try and not pass out while marching in Krewe du Vieux and to have the first crawfish boil in Lakeview post-K... probably sometime around Jazz Fest.

- Does your FEMA trailer have chrome wheels? Yes.

- Do you know if the secret recipe for the "special" Mai Tai's at the now destroyed Hong Kong bar next to the marina was saved? As far as I know it ended up in the lake along with The Kong.

- How'd you handle your 15 minutes of fame?
Well, luckily I don't have much stamina in bed so I was able to fit a fair amount of groupies into that 15 minutes.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think your "cred" is just fine. It was an unfathomable time, and you are human, which brings you closer to your readers than those others on tv with more supposed "poise". Don't think about it too much, but I wouldn't recommend repeating it!

8:30 AM  

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